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Claims and Recovery

Traders and companies in the construction industry need to be paid what they are entitled to and on time.Whenever this is not the case it can threaten the effective running and sometimes the existence of the business. Disputes can occur at any point during a contract and sometimes advice is needed early on to prevent a main contractor withholding cash or undervaluing work carried out.

We always aim to settle disputes without proceedings whenever possible. Our experience and knowledge of usual areas of dispute such as delays, measurement and valuation is normally enough to avoid formal steps.

With certain exceptions, for example disputes with residential occupiers or certain kinds of construction, the normal forum for settling disputes has been adjudication since 1996. If you have received a notice of referral you need expert advice instantly and an affordable way of getting the most from the very short timetables common in construction adjudications. We can brief you on outcomes and strategy and in many cases handle the dispute on your behalf at significantly lower cost than lawyers or large claims practices.

The construction industry is notorious for late payment and under payment. In many cases the paying party is unaware of the law on regular payment and the timings involved. We can assist in getting the proper payment practices back on track.

So whether you are a plasterer that is losing hope that the development contractor will settle your account fairly, or a contractor that is receiving  unmerited claims from its groundwork subcontractor, or a developer that needs specialist expertise in dealing with delay and damages claims we can help.